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IT recruitment has changed

As technology evolves, so does the availability of technical skills.  There is a definite skills shortage in the UK, for certain IT roles.  And if you need to recruit people with these in-demand IT skills, there will be compromise.  So – what’s the answer?

The most effective way to recruit is to attract people with the appropriate technical background PLUS the right attitude, intelligence, and motivation – and the ability to learn.  Technical skills can be taught, but it’s essential that you recruit with attitude and behaviours in mind.

Blues Point – the solution for IT recruitment in the Midlands and London.

What we do

We are a niche supplier of IT recruitment services in the UK Midlands and London, specialising in the recruitment of senior IT roles where behaviours, motivation and potential are as important as technical skills.

We apply the most rigorous pre-appointment due diligence procedures that you will find anywhere in today’s recruitment marketplace.  We promise – through our rigorous process – to deliver quality candidates who fit your culture, and who will contribute towards fuelling your business growth.

Our huge network of IT professionals means that we will find the candidates that you can’t find yourself.  For services and pricing, click here.

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