Blues Point's recruitment guarantee

Building your brand

A truly effective recruitment strategy starts well before the job is advertised. It’s no coincidence that the businesses that are best at recruiting and retaining a productive workforce also happen to invest heavily in social media marketing and branding.

The ideal situation is to generate a following of people who are interested in what you do, and who will be there to apply for jobs as and when they come up. You can maintain a database of interested candidates ready for when the recruitment actually begins. If you use email marketing effectively, you can segment people according to their skills or interests, and send only relevant information to them.

If you have an engaged workforce they will do a lot of the brand building for you. This is why the best employees often join a company as a result of an internal referral scheme. People generally only refer someone they are confident will do a good job.

How Blues Point can help

  • We will analyse how effective your social media strategy for attracting potential employees, and we recommend ways to improve.
  • We can advise on setting up an email marketing process for attracting candidates before there is a job vacancy.