How to keep your staff happy

Step 1: Clarify

Do you have a happy team? 

If so - congratulations!  You are very firmly in the minority. 

Most teams are not happy, and therefore not engaged.  Consider the following statistics: 

  • Surveys suggest that most employers would only re-employ around 25% of their current staff, given the option. That means that 75% of their staff are either not right for the job, or are not performing well for other reasons.
  • 87% of people are not happy at work – therefore only 13% are happy.
  • On average, 80% of management time is spent managing poor performers.


Do you know where you stand at the moment?  We can help you find out.  It's the first step to establishing a plan for increasing employee engagement, reducing staff turnover, and increasing productivity - and profits. 

The first step in the Blues Point CLEAR process is to clarify your current situation, via an employee engagement and recruitment audit. 

Your values

First things first. We sit down with you to establish what your company values are, and which behaviours match up to that. Once this is in established, we have a solid foundation for building a great team.

Process map

We'll map your current recruitment processes via interviews with key individuals and a review of documentation that's already in place.

Mystery shopping

We'll conduct a mystery shopping exercise, as a job applicant to assess performance of recruitment agencies and / or the internal hiring team.

Executive Summary

We'll prepare an Executive Summary to report on findings and suggest improvements. Then it's on to the next stage to put it into practice!