How to keep your staff happy

Step 2: Engage

Are your team all pulling in the same direction?

If so, you are lucky.  87% of people are not happy at work – therefore only 13% are happy.

So only the minority are truly engaged with their work, and most people aren't so interested - or are actively looking for a new job. 

What would increased engagement mean for your team?  

The second step in the Blues Point CLEAR process is to engage your teams, via overall and individual reviews.  Each of the assessments we recommend takes only a few minutes of each person's time to complete, but gives enormous insight. 


We know by now that your team needs to be more engaged. But do THEY know this? We'll talk to them about the benefits of the assessments we will do, accentuating the positives. Sometimes people are threatened by change - so we'll talk about this.

Thomas Engage

We use the Thomas Engage corporate assessment tool, which enables you to establish the levels of engagement within an organisation and identifies actions for making necessary improvements.

Motivational Maps

Team Motivational Maps. Performance at work depends on the right direction, the appropriate skills, and positive motivation. The Motivational Maps® system provides the solution to what is probably the most difficult of these to manage and sustain - motivation.

Next steps

We'll report back and talk to you about how best to keep this momentum, and how to sustain your team's engagement over time.