Blues Point IT Candidate Referral Scheme

As part of our IT Candidate Referral Scheme, we will pay you £250 if you refer an IT candidate that we successfully place within 3 months. So if you know somebody who is based in the Midlands or London that is looking for a new role in IT, get in touch today.

What's the catch?

There’s no catch. We are always eager to be connected with talented IT professionals. From SQL DBAs to front-end web developers, IT directors to first-line support engineers, programme managers to software testers, we have worked with thousands of candidates to find them new and exciting roles.

Here’s what you need to do to qualify for the payment of £250: Complete the contact form below. Include your name, the name of the candidate you would like to refer, along with their email address and their telephone number. Please ensure that you have full permission from the candidate you are referring before doing this. This referral opportunity is available for both permanent and contract candidates.

The candidate you submit will need to meet the following criteria before your referral fee is paid:

  • They’re not currently on our books (we’ve never worked with them before)
  • We place them into a role within 3 months of submission
  • They complete their probation period at the role we place them in (usually 3 months)
  • If the candidate is a contractor, they must be in their placement for 3 months

Once all of these criteria have been met, we will pay your referral fee of £250 – it’s as easy as that!

Want to double your referral fee?

We also offer the option of earning £500 when you submit a candidate in our IT Candidate Referral Scheme. To qualify for the doubled fee, all you need to do is sign up to our mailing list, refer a candidate and still be actively signed up at the time of payment. You can sign up to one of our mailing lists at the bottom of the page.

Other Terms & Conditions

  • You are responsible for any tax due on the referral payment;
  • You must have the permission of the person you are referring before submitting their details. This is in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. You will indemnify Blues Point for any loss or claim if you don’t gain the consent of the person you refer;
  • The person you refer must not be on our books already, and must not have applied to the job independently before you make the referral;
  • You can’t refer yourself.

Refer an IT Candidate here:

    *  required field. By completing this form you confirm that you have permission from the referred candidate to share their information. All data is secure and will not be shared with third-parties except when presented to clients as part of the recruitment process. To view our full privacy policy please click here.

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