Purchase And Sit An IKM Test

If you would like to purchase a single IKM TeckChek test for your own use, read on.  The benefits of doing this are:

  • You can use this as a practice test if you’re expecting to sit one soon.
  • Your test result is yours to keep so you can use it to back up your application when looking for your next IT position.

Because we buy in bulk we can offer a significant discount on the retail price.  For a limited period we are offering these tests at a cost of £70 each (normally £125 for a single test) – a worthwhile investment if it helps you get your next job.

How To Purchase

  • Fill in the form below.  We need your name and email address so that we can set the test up and send it to you.  Please see our privacy policy here for how we store and use your personal data.
  • You need to choose the test you want to take.  Here is the list of available IKM TeckChek tests.

When Purchasing an IKM Test, Please Note:

  • Setting up your test is a manual process so it won’t happen immediately.  We’ll organise it as soon as possible, but can only guarantee it within our business hours of 9am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday (UK time).
  • Once we have set up your test you’ll have 7 days to complete it.
  • Remember to allow yourself enough uninterrupted time to take the test – about an hour is usually enough, but each test has a set time limit, which can be up to 2 hours or more.
  • If you start the test and don’t follow the instructions, the test might be aborted.  If this happens we need to intervene manually to do a reset, which will only happen during our office hours of 9-5.30pm Monday to Friday (UK time).  We’ll do this a maximum of twice.
  • The best way to avoiding the test being aborted is to follow the instructions!  These are shown to you at the start of the test, but there is a reminder here.  In particular, don’t use your keyboard! Just your mouse or touchpad. Also – don’t skip questions too quickly. Give yourself a chance to read and consider the question, and then miss it out if you really don’t know the answer.
  • You can’t use the same email address to take the same test more than once in quick succession.

Terms & Conditions

  • There are no refunds if you fail to complete the test within the 7-day time limit, if you require more than two resets, or if you don’t like the result.
  • IKM don’t release lists of questions / answers, and there is no detailed analysis of your results, so you can’t know which particular answers you got right or wrong.

To order your IKM Test, fill out the form below and send you £70 fee via PayPal:

Your name and email address:
The IKM test you want to take:

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