Cats and wandering employees

This is not our cat! But you wouldn’t know it to look at him.

His name is Brucie and he likes coming into our house because it’s warm in the kitchen and we let him sleep in the chair. We don’t want to keep him though, for a number of reasons:

·       we don’t want the responsibility, and the expense of food / vet bills;
·       my wife is mildly allergic to him; and
·       we don’t have a cat flap.

So we allow him to stay until my wife starts to sneeze, and then out he goes. His owners know about it, and they don’t mind. And we’re not the only ones – he’s in and out of other neighbours’ houses too. He’s even been spotted in the pub.

But I know of at least one case of cat kidnapping – my sister lost a cat in this way, to a family who moved away AND TOOK HER CAT WITH THEM!

If you manage a team, consider: could this happen to you? Are any of your employees warming themselves in a rival employer’s kitchen? Are they sleeping on your competitor’s chair?

In case I’m not making myself clear: are they attending interviews and about to get another job? If they have a presence online and they work in an in-demand field they might be receiving approaches from recruiters every single day.

So – if you don’t want to lose them – talk to them, pay them the right amount, manage them well. And make sure your kitchen is warm enough!