Road Rage and Recruitment

Is it just me, or are there more angry drivers around at the moment? Only the other day I delicately tooted my horn at a driver who had cut me up after overtaking me on the inside, in direct violation of the highway code. He took offence and braked hard (twice) nearly forcing me to crash, then jumped out of his Range Rover and hurled some abuse in my direction before driving off again at high speed.

I don’t know what motivates people to behave like this. Work? Having a baby? Politics?

A more likely explanation is that they’re just angry.

Well, I have the answer.

My idea is that all drivers must sit a behavioural assessment at the same time as taking their driving test, and every five years thereafter.

This way we’d know how a person is likely to behave behind the wheel. Are they a dominant personality? Are they cautious? Outgoing? Easily distracted?

Based on the results we can allow people to drive the type of vehicle that will minimise the risk to other road users.

Are you a 55-year old woman with a profile that emphasises care for others and low aggression? You may drive a Lamborghini.

Are you an 18-year-old male with a personality that clearly indicates a self-interested and competitive approach to life situations? Here – take this milk float.

Implementing this plan would make driving a happier experience for all – and would solve all road rage incidents at a stroke.

You’re welcome!


P.S. If you think that finding out more about someone’s personality before giving them a driving licence (or a job) is a good idea, go here for more information.