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Technical recruitment is a tricky business.  How do you know that the candidates you interview have the right level of technical ability?  The usual way to find this out is to interview them. However, there’s every chance may find that your time has been wasted because the candidate doesn’t meet the required technical level for the role anyway.

This is why we’re the only Midlands-based IT recruitment company to offer technical testing as a standard part of our process, at no additional cost. The results provide invaluable information about your candidates – before you interview them; eliminating the need to spend time conducting technical interviews / tests of your own.

About IKM TeckCheck

We work with IKM, a global testing company with over 250 standard tests that cover most aspects of IT.  However, they offer more than just off-the-shelf solutions. You also have the option to construct bespoke tests that reflect the technologies you actually use. Using your bespoke test, you can benchmark your current staff and use the results help you when shortlisting pre-qualified candidates.

If you would like to learn more about IKM, you can visit their website here.

A Breakdown Of A Sample Report

Once your candidate has completed their IKM test, you will be provided with a report of their results. This is known as a Proficiency Profile. The report will be made up of 6 separate sections which will be give you a detailed overview of how they did in the test.

The sections on the IKM report will be as follows:

  • Score: This section showcases the candidates overall score.
  • Percentile: The percentile section offers an insight into how your candidate fared when compared with others who have completed this test.
  • Subject analysis: This section gives a subject-by-subject breakdown of how your candidate performed. This is a good indicator of where they excel and where they may need more guidance.
  • Work Speed/Accuracy: This looks at how the candidate performed in terms of speed and accuracy. It’s a result worth considering if you are hiring for a role with a time-sensitive element to it.
  • Application Ability: In this section, your candidate is ranked on how well they can apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios.
  • Subject Coverage: This looks at your candidates strength on the subject as whole.
Example of a result profile from an IKM test

IKM Test Library

Click here for a list of currently available tests.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Take a look at upcoming tests by clicking here.

Purchasing IKM Tests

If you are already part-way through your recruitment process and would like to purchase IKM tests separately, please head over to our Assessment Tools Pricing page.

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