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IT Headhunting Services – How We Find IT Candidates For Your Business

Why do we offer IT Headhunting services? Well, It’s no secret, if you wanted, you could recruit for your own roles.  There is absolutely nothing stopping you from creating a job ad, uploading it as a free listing on some of the popular job sites, and waiting for candidates to apply.

Yet, so often, businesses PAY recruitment companies to do exactly this for them. These recruitment companies create some free listings, wait to receive some applicants, then send over the most seemingly relevant CVs. But the question you have to ask yourself is this: where is the value in that?

This is why we do things a little bit differently here at Blues Point. We take an active stance when it comes to finding the right candidates for our clients’ businesses.

What Is IT Headhunting?

Headhunting is the process of proactively engaging candidates who, often, aren’t already officially on the job market. Approaching recruitment in this way allows us to achieve much better results for our clients.

When we begin work on your vacancy, we work closely with you to fully understand what is required from the successful candidate. We get a full picture of the hard and soft skills that they will need to excel in the role. And once we have have a solid specification in mind, we go out and we find them.

How We Headhunt IT Candidates

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Our Own Network & Referrals

As a Midlands-based IT recruitment company, we engage with IT professionals in the UK every day. We have encountered thousands upon thousands of them.

We’ve built up  a large database over the past 16 years, which continues to grow. So when it comes to sourcing IT talent, we don’t have to look far to find it.

One of the first places we look when we actively source candidates for a vacancy is within our own database.

As well as this, we have a referral scheme in place which allows individuals to refer an IT professional to us who is actively looking for a new role.

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Active Search On Job Sites

Although experienced professionals often get snapped up quickly on job sites, it can still be a great source of candidates.

We proactively search the CVs recently uploaded by job seekers and reach out with a phone call or Hintro to get some more information.

If we feel there is potential for a successful placement, with both sides meeting each other’s requirements, we will progress the candidate further through the process.

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Social Media

We have great success in accessing ‘passive’ candidates via social media channels. LinkedIn is especially useful when it comes to finding candidates who have particular skills that are local your company’s area.

We know that, a lot of the time, the best candidates won’t be actively looking for work. So by reaching out to them on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, we are able to have a conversation about whether a change of roles may be a beneficial career move for them.

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Github and Stack Overflow

As well as social media, we also engage IT professionals on their own territory. We will reach out to potential fits for your role on specialist websites such as Github and Stack Overflow.

These websites are fantastic for reaching developers who are highly knowledgeable and passionate about what they do.

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