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Video Interviewing And Recruitment Services for IT Teams

The use of video within our recruitment process is a more recent addition service offering but is fast becoming one of our most valuable tools. We use leading specialist video interviewing and recruitment software called Hinterview as a fundamental part of the way we contact and interact with candidates.

Video offers a number of improved benefits that conventional methods fall short on. These benefits include higher response rate, streamlined process and an overall better insight into candidates without ever meeting them.


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What is a Hintro?

A Hintro is a short video introduction which is sent directly to a candidate. It’s often a bespoke video which we record specifically for that person and it provides information on a particular opportunity that we think they will be interested in.

What are the benefits?

By approaching candidates with video rather than an email or phone call, Blues Point goes from being a business with a logo to a human with a face. And this is effective for building trust and rapport from our very first communication.

Video allows us to more easily access passive candidates. Which is important as we know that the best employees are likely already in work. Approaching them using this method gives an increased chance of being able to engage them in conversation and alert them of a new opportunity.


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What is a Hinterview?

A Hinterview is a video interview which we perform on behalf of our client. In it, you will be able to see us as we ask the questions, as well as the candidate as they answer.

What are the benefits?

Using Hinterviews as part of our recruitment efforts means that we are able to reduce the time our clients spend meeting with candidates. We are able to interview the candidate, ask them the questions that you would like us to ask, then send you the video recording to review.

Another added benefit of using Hinterview is that you will be able to share the recording with other key decision makers who would not have been able to be present otherwise. This makes getting the go-ahead from other members of your company, where required, easy and convenient.

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