Last-minute resignation doubts

5 ways to ease last-minute resignation doubts

It’s not unusual for people to have last-minute resignation doubts when changing jobs, even after they have handed in their notice and agreed a start date with their new employer. If you have been in your role for a long time, it is sometimes hard to imagine having to be ‘the new guy’ again and learning all the quirks of a new company. So for today’s blog, we have put together some tips on how to handle last minute doubts, and make a clean break.

Last-minute resignation doubts

Stand by your decision. If you have done a good job, then of course your current employer will be sad to see you go, and the idea of just staying where you are can be tempting. Try to keep in mind the reasons why you decided to leave in the first place, and remember that once you have ‘shown your hand’ and made it clear you are going, you won’t be able to un-do this in your manager’s mind; it alters the relationship and can make for an uneasy work environment.

Embrace your new company. Once you have accepted another role, embrace your decision. See if you can get in touch with some of your new colleagues or your new manager in advance of your first day, to break the ice. Spend time on your new employer’s website getting to know the company, and practicing the skills you will be using in the new role, and you will start to feel more excited and less nervous as the big day approaches.

Have faith in yourself. The recruitment market is extremely tough; there are so many good candidates looking for work at the moment that to be the successful one at the top of the pile speaks volumes about your ability – your new employer has selected you and believes that you can add real value to the team. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Don’t look back. Your first week in a new position will be tough – when you’ve been used to knowing how everything works it is tough to enter a new environment, and it can leave you pining for your old workplace. Try to focus on the positives, this is a chance to kick start your career, to further your skills and knowledge, and even make new friends.

Give yourself time. Few people stroll into a new position and love it immediately. If there are things you don’t like about the new environment, don’t panic. Give yourself time to adjust, and if there are small changes that can be improved to make you happier, talk to someone. Your new employer won’t want you to be unhappy, but if they don’t know about it, they can’t help you.

Sometimes a little thing can make a real difference in helping you to settle in – having a good mentor or a friendly team really helps, or finding an opportunity early on to prove your worth and show your colleagues why you were hired. Be proud of yourself for taking the plunge, and as long as you can stay positive you’ll soon start to wonder why you didn’t take it sooner.