Happy birthday?

It was my birthday earlier this week.  So you’ve missed the boat if you didn’t sent me any wishes! 

But I don’t mind – it’s just another day but with cake and a couple of midweek drinks that I wouldn’t usually have. 

A good marketing opportunity for some, though.  My letter box on Monday contained a meagre haul of two birthday cards plus one invitation to check myself into a nursing home! 

A lesson for us all, I feel.  Whether it’s sending a marketing message, starting an exercise programme, or applying for a new job – don’t wait for the perfect moment, because it will never arrive.  Just get it done.

It wasn’t the perfect moment for me to receive an offer of this kind, but it made me laugh – and then it made me think that I’m not all that young any more and I should make the most of my immediate future by writing about the experience on social media. 

Try again in 10 years, Bluebird!