House buying and interviews

A friend of mine is selling his house at the moment, using a low-cost online estate agent and conducting the viewings himself. He’s had seven or eight people round to see it so far, but no offers – and he’s not sure why.

He’s asked for feedback, but it’s all been generic and unconstructive. Apart from one mention of the distance from schools, he’s in the dark. Location is something he can’t change, so this information gets him nowhere.

The viewers of his house have their reasons, but they’re not sharing. Maybe they don’t like the décor; perhaps they don’t like him! Possibly, though, they have a valid objection that could be addressed and changed so that both parties can make it work. But the online agency isn’t geared up for this, and the opportunity slides by.

As in recruitment, a good agent will work with both sides to suggest solutions if there is a match to be made. If not, he or she will seek constructive feedback and pass it on.

And if the feedback from the other side is subjective and unhelpful (“I just didn’t like him / her”) or even non-existent, this is where the agent’s experience and diplomacy come into play.

Whatever the outcome, and whether you’re selling a house or attending an interview, you’re likely to fail more than you succeed, so an open mind and a thick skin will be useful to you.

And if you’re the house viewer / hiring manager – give honest, helpful and non-discriminatory feedback where you can. You never know when you might be sitting on the other side of the table.

Blues Point is a full-service IT recruitment company that has supplied entire IT teams to companies in the Midlands for over 20 years. We’ve arranged many thousands of interviews and have tried to give constructive feedback after each one. It’s not always possible but we’ve done our best! Contact us here.

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