Trump and Zoom

Donald Trump has today refused to take part in a virtual TV debate.  His exact words, speaking to Fox Business Channel this morning, were: “I’m not gonna waste my time on a personal debate. Sit behind a computer, ridiculous. They cut you off… I’m not doing a virtual debate.”

Doesn’t he know that the whole world is now operating via Zoom (or one of the other virtal meeting platforms)???

Virtual meetings for the IT recruitment agency

And it’s especially useful in recruitment.  We’ve been doing it for years but in the past six months it’s really become the norm, and meeting someone in person is the exception.

When we want to recruit an IT Manager, a Lead Developer, or a Technical Consultant, we always now conduct the first interview virtually.  And all our clients are happy to do the same.

So why can’t Donald?

It can’t be because he doesn’t like technology.  In fact, he knows tech ‘better than anyone’.  Better than anyone!  Man, I wish we had him on our books.  He could solve a few high-level IT issues for our clients.

He likes Twitter too.  So why the aversion to the virtual debate?


It’s just a theory at this stage, but maybe, just maybe, he’s nervous about virtual debating because he hasn’t read the official Blues Point blog on the subject.  I’ll put a link to the original article at the end, but in summary our advice is to:

  • Check your sound and video is working before you begin.
  • Smile!
  • Keep your answers brief and to the point, and don’t ramble off topic.
  • Be aware of what’s in the background when you’re on camera, and make sure it looks professional.
  • Treat it like a real interview, because that’s exactly what it is.

Recent events lead me to think that we should add two more pieces of advice to the list:

  • If you don’t know the answer to a question, it’s best to admit this but also to explain how you would go about finding out.
  • You should check your hair for flies before, and during the session.

So whether you’re using an IT recruitment agency to recruit an IT Manager, or talking to the nation and the world in an attempt to get re-elected to the most powerful position on the planet, make sure to follow our top tips to give yourself the best chance of success.

It also helps if you have a decent CV and are actually qualified for the job, but those things go without saying.


Donald Trump’s original Tweet

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