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Webinar Key Takeaways Recap


As we mentioned in the webinar, we are only touching on this subject briefly and we will be holding webinars on all of these topics in more depths in the future. However, recruiting properly lays a solid foundation for retaining your staff.

Here are some ways to improve the way you recruit:

  • Have a clear outline of what you're looking for from a candidate
  • Don't waste time looking for unicorns
  • Make use of technical behavioural assessments
  • Prioritise attitude over skills
  • Be patient but don't allow yourself to become complacent
  • Use the services of a specialist recruitment agency

Look out for future webinars from Blues Point where we will go into more depth about recruitment and explain how you can get the most from your hiring process.




Onboarding is a critical time when it comes to staff retention. It is when you are most at risk of losing your new recruit, most likely to their previous employer.

Our top tips for onboarding are:

  • Maintain regular (but not excessive) contact
  • Make them part of the team before their first day
  • Ensure that you are READY for their first day
  • Continue 'onboarding' for as long as it takes


While this might seem like obvious, almost generic advice, this section touches on hot topics that are becoming increasingly critical in today's job market.

Working habits and the expectations of employees are changing. Don't get left behind by not offering the same quality-of-life benefits that your competitors are.

Our top tips for trusting and respecting your staff are:

  • Avoid micromanaging at all costs and trust in your hiring decisions
  • Offer the opportunity for flexible/remote working
  • Adopt a productivity>time mindset to employees' work
  • Approach all employees' circumstances indvidually
  • Work by example and have a healthy work life balance too



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Studies show that spending more than the UK national average on training employees results in higher retention rates and increased employee satisfaction.

For this reason, investing money and time into your workforce is critical for cultivating the right environment for loyalty and productivity.

Here are our top tips for investing in your employees:

  • Provide ample opportunities for training and development
  • Allow free time for employees to pursue personal development
  • Offer free team-building and morale-boosting events
  • Consider making developing and promoting existing employees a priority


Having a better understanding of the people that you work with will greatly improve your chances of detecting, and potentially apprehending, issues before they result in your employee handing their notice in.

There are a number of ways you can do this, by both using assessments, as well as touching base on a regular basis.

Here are our top tips for getting to know your workforce:

  • Regularly catch up with staff - find out how things are going
  • Get staff to sit technical tests
  • Get staff to sit psychometric assessments
  • Above all else: communicate

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