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Technical testing – IKM

Technical recruitment is a tricky business.  How do you know that the candidates you interview have the right level of technical ability?  The usual way to find this out is to interview them, but often you will find that your time has been wasted because the candidate doesn’t meet the required technical level.

This is why we are the only Midlands-based IT recruitment company to offer technical testing as a standard part of our process, at no additional cost.  This eliminates the need to spend time conducting technical interviews / tests of your own, and the results provide invaluable advance information about the candidates that you do interview.

IKM TeckChek

We work with IKM, a global testing company with over 250 standard tests that cover most aspects of IT.  But it’s not just off the shelf.  We will work with you to construct a bespoke test that reflects the technologies you actually use.  You can then benchmark your current staff and use the results to generate a meaningful shortlist of pre-qualified candidates. Again, this is part of our standard process and there is no separate charge for this. For in-depth information about the test provider, IKM, click here.

The tests

The tests are more intelligent that you might think.  The question and difficulty level is dynamically selected based on the assessment-taker’s previous responses, thus eliminating questions that are too easy or too difficult.  This reduces the testing time. Unlike other testing services, IKM assessments also adapt at the sub-skill level allowing the assessment to detail the exact strengths and weaknesses of candidates.


Click here for a list of currently available tests.

For a list of tests coming soon, click here.


If you are already part-way through your recruitment process and would like to purchase tests separately, please contact us for prices.  Significant volume discounts apply.

Sample report

When the test is complete, you receive a report (example below).  The report gives an absolute score, a percentile score, an analysis by subject, an indication of work speed and accuracy and application ability, and a guide to how well the candidate has covered the range of subjects.

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