Contact-Free IT Recruitment Services

Contact-Free IT Recruitment Services

In order to help our clients to continue recruiting during the COVID-19 outbreak, we have put together a special contact-free IT recruitment service package.

This offer has been carefully put together to ensure hiring managers have the information they need to make strategic hiring decisions without having to meet candidates in person. 

About Our Contact-Free IT Recruitment Services

As coronavirus continues to create obstacles for UK businesses, we at Blues Point have devised a way to make IT recruitment viable and effective for organisations like yours during social distancing.

Using our in-depth process and specialist, industry-leading tools, we can offer hiring managers a realistic means to continue recruiting in a way that allows them to make strategic, evidence-based hiring decisions. And we are able to do this in a way that requires no physical meetings.

To learn more about how it works, continue reading. 

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How Does Contact-Free Recruitment Work?

1. Tell Us What You're Looking For

The recruitment process starts with us understanding your needs. We will talk with you via video call (or just a phone call, if you prefer) to discuss your business, the vacancy and what exactly you’re looking for from the successful candidate. This information will help us greatly with the next step…

2. We Actively Source Candidates

… which is when we get out there (figuratively, of course) and find candidates who we feel are a good fit for your role. We ‘actively source’, which means we don’t just send CVs from job sites. We reach out to passive candidates, who aren’t actively looking for work. The result? A much higher quality of candidate with much less competition.

3. Select Your Favourite Candidates

At this point, we will have sent across a number of candidates’ CVs for your consideration, along with any other information we think you will find useful. Now the ball is in your court. You need to select any of the candidates who you wish to progress on to the interview stage of the process.

4. We Conduct Video Interview #1

All of the selected candidates will now sit the first round of interviews, which will be conducted by Blues Point on your behalf. We will use our specialist video interviewing software to ask each candidate 3 or 4 questions provided by you. These interviews will be recorded and then sent over to you to review. This is much more convenient for you and will save you time.

A Demonstration Of Our Video Interviewing Software

Click the thumbnail above to watch a quick demonstration of a Hinterview.

Recruit IT Staff Remotely With Us

5. You Conduct Video Interview #2

Of the candidates that we interview on your behalf, you select the ones you would like to personally interview. At this point, you will be able to use our interviewing software (or your own, if you’d prefer) to remotely interview the candidates for yourself. This will give you an even better idea of what they’re like and whether they tick all of the required boxes.

6. We Test And Assess Candidates

If a candidate successfully passes through the two rounds of video interviews, we will then test the candidate for you using psychometric and technical assessments. This will give you the quantitative data to support your hiring decision, giving you the confidence to make a job offer without meeting the candidate in person.

7. You Make The Job Offer

At this point, you will have everything you need to make a job offer to the successful candidate. You will have seen and conducted two rounds of video interviews, as well as have assessment data to back it up.

And there we have it – a strategic, evidence-based hire, without any need for physical meetings.

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