A table where someone is recruiting IT staff in the Midlands and elsewhere

Have you ever been let down by a recruitment agency?

This is because the traditional agency model is flawed. Here's why.

  • The interests of the recruitment agency are often in direct opposition to the interests of their client.  Staff turnover is seen as a good thing.   
  • Recruitment agencies are motivated by making a placement that only just outlasts the rebate period offered in their terms of business. 
  • The 'no win, no fee' model means that there is no reward for doing a thorough due diligence recruitment project.  Corners are inevitably cut.
  • Engaging more than one agency turns the recruitment process into a race, and quality control is the first thing to go.  
  • In a multi-agency situation, each recruiter has a lower individual chance of success, so their commitment to the process is reduced, and they'll put their best candidates forward for jobs elsewhere. 

We don't believe that this traditional model works, so we do things differently. 

Our recruitment philosophy

As a client of ours, we want you to have an effective recruitment process in place.  An effective process means that you are more likely to keep hold of your people, so that you can focus on business growth instead of fighting to stand still. 

Effective recruitment means focusing on the person, not just on their CV.  We believe that for most roles, and especially for management, senior executive, and client-facing roles, a person’s behaviours and motivation are just as important as their technical skills. Often, more so. 

Most recruitment decisions in the UK today are based on technical knowledge, industry experience, and first impressions.  This may be why so many hiring decisions turn out to be very expensive mistakes.  In the world of recruitment, prevention is definitely better than cure. 

In other words, it pays to get it right first time.  Anything else is a false economy.

We work in partnership with our clients to deliver the best recruitment process possible, and we guarantee our placements for up to 6 months.   

Because of the time, energy, and commitment that we invest in our recruitment projects, and the value of the assessments we provide, the majority of our work is done on a retained basis. 

What we give you

  • We use objective recruitment tools to measure technical ability, behaviours, emotional and general intelligence. You receive a report on each of the assessments that we use. 
  • After we interview candidates, we send you a report that gives our opinion.
  • When you employ someone through Blues Point, we send you a tailored management report that is based on their behavioural assessment.  

You are more likely to engage, develop, and retain your employees for the long term if you understand what makes them tick, and if you manage them in the appropriate way.  

Our reports will help you do this.

We use these tools:

  • Personality profiling (PPA / DISC);
  • Engagement (Thomas Engage);
  • Intelligence (Thomas GIA);
  • Emotional intelligence (TEIQue); and
  • Motivational Maps.

Ask yourself: does your current recruitment partner do all this?

Recruiting IT staff

Any growing business will need a strong IT team at its heart, and when it comes to recruiting IT staff, getting the right people on board is crucial.  In our experience, the right candidates do not merely tick a few boxes technically, but rather they are people that understand the core values of your business, and have the right behaviours and motivation to add value for the long term.

Of course, there is always risk associated with recruiting IT staff – candidates can change their minds.  Our robust process is intended to minimise the risk to you, and ensure that by the time you have decided to make an offer to a candidate, neither of you will have any doubts that it is the right role for the right person.

We offer a very comprehensive service, taken from the following:

  • Meet with you to agree full job description / person specification
  • Confirm Terms of Business
  • Define project delivery timetable (see below)
  • Plan interview / feedback schedule
  • Register candidates
  • Obtain permission to represent
  • Verify identity
  • Check permission to work in the UK
  • Conduct technical testing
  • Interview in person – by Skype, telephone, or face-to-face
  • Arrange psychometric testing and competency-based interviewing (if required)
  • Provide interview reports
  • Take up references
  • Arrange interviews
  • Supply you with interview questions tailored to the individual and their assessment results.
  • Provide feedback to / from all candidates
  • Handle job offers and the resignation process
  • Give ongoing candidate care
  • Take up references and background checks on individuals, as required
  • Conduct Motivational Maps assessment after the probation period.

We can offer the complete service for both permanent and for interim / contract recruitment assignments if required, no matter how tight the timetable.

You may prefer to use your own in-house technical assessments, or your HR department may have access to psychometric test tools.  We will tailor the process according to your requirements.

Here are our four main service levels.

Access to candidates

Some companies do their own recruitment, but it’s often an expensive, time-consuming, and labour-intensive process.  Why bother with this when with no financial risk you can put us to the test?  We have 10 years’ experience finding the best IT candidates in the Midlands, London, and beyond, so we know the market, the people, and the various ways to attract the best candidates to your company.

We place people in the following IT areas: director, management, operations, software development, systems implementation, support, and sales.

Our main sources of candidates are:

  • Our own database
  • CV databases on all the major IT job boards
  • Advertising on over 100 IT job sites
  • Press advertising
  • Agency partnerships
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Networking
  • Headhunting
  • Our candidate referral scheme.

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: we GUARANTEE our results.

The interview process

We do an in-depth profile of every shortlisted candidate, by phone in the first instance, and in person or by Skype / FaceTime as appropriate.

At interview we will aim to confirm the following:

  • The candidate is professional and presentable;
  • The candidate is well prepared for their interview with you – they have researched the business;
  • The candidate understands the challenges of the job they are being considered for, and will rise to them;
  • The candidate knows what to expect from the interview process; and
  • (If candidate is in permanent employment) – whether they are anticipating a counter offer, and ensure they know the consequences of accepting one.

By the time we get to the stage of inviting a candidate for interview, it is usually the case that they will impress us in person, but there are occasions when we have withdrawn candidates at this stage who have failed to meet the basic criteria.

For a more holistic view, we offer competency-based interviewing as part of the process, after which we supply you with a detailed interview report.