What we know

We have been trading for 14 years and we understand the market for senior IT Professionals in the Midlands and London. Over this time we have built a strong and extensive network of industry contacts, and this network is the key to finding the right person for you. Our first job is to work with you and your senior team to understand what a candidate needs to do in order to be a success in your business. We then go to market to find the right person.

What we do

We take ownership of the recruitment process so that you don’t have to. We find candidates from a variety of sources; for senior roles our experience is that the best candidates are often not those who are actively looking for work. This is why we don’t rely on job boards, although we do use them. Again, our network is at heart of what we do.

We use technical and behavioural assessments to validate the suitability of the candidate for the position, going much deeper than what a candidate has put on their CV and offering an objective approach to the hiring process to ensure that a candidate has not only the right technical skills but also the positive behaviours required to be a success.

Depending on the role, we can measure:

  • a person’s emotional intelligence; can this person motivate, empathise and become firm when required and to the levels that are required to be a success in the new role?
  • their general intelligence; where does the candidate’s intelligence lie, can they push through the change that is required and work at optimal levels for long periods of time?
  • their personality at work; how will this person react under extreme pressure, how will they motivate and encourage their peers?

We interview all candidates that we represent, following a competency-based interview format. We provide you with a detailed interview report, making recommendations as to the candidates’ working strengths and possible limitations. We also supply you with technical and behavioural reports to back up what we say.

We only work with candidates who can provide a positive reference from their most recent employer. Senior IT people who are successful in what they do can always provide a great reference.

Why Blues Point?

We don’t want to waste your time and money, or our own, which is why we do so much due diligence work before the candidate walks into your office on their first day. We want to find the right person for you for the long term, so we work hard to help you retain and develop them over time.

If you hire people without understanding whether or not they have the positive behaviours you need, you risk incurring huge potential future costs due to underperformance, training expenses, re-recruitment fees, lost business, poor team morale, and possible employment law disputes.


We are confident in our process and we offer a 100% rebate for up to 6 months.

For more information on how we can help you recruit the right IT people for your business, call us on 01283 530923