Graham Coe, Shire Leasing plc

IT Development Manager |


I was introduced to the Thomas International Ltd PPA evaluations by Blues Point as a tool for identifying a person’s motivations, work ethic and key drivers. To begin the process we completed the assessment by answering the questions from the perspective of the role itself in order to help us identify the personal profile that would best fit the positon we had on offer. This created a Job profile that we could then use as a template to assess the candidates’ suitability for the role.

We then moved on to the interview process, holding first interviews for all the candidates whose CV’s fitted the role in question. Once we had refine the applicant list to leave us with the most suitable from a skills perspective we asked those remaining to complete the PPA questionnaire.

Following completion of these questionnaires we received their profile which proved to be an invaluable and insightful look at the individual, and what motivates them to succeed. Also provided as part of the profile is a set of questions that help you to probe and validate their answers, and get some understanding of why the answers were as they were. These questions were used as the basis for the second interview, and were invaluable in getting to know the candidate, gaining some understanding as to how they would fit in with the rest of the team, and what would be their ideal working environment. Coupled with the PPA graph, which was overlaid onto the graph for the role itself, it became relatively straightforward to identify the best candidate, and to offer the position accordingly.

6 weeks on from the position being filled we are totally satisfied with the candidate selected, we are confident that the PPA questionnaire was instrumental in achieving this, and wouldn’t hesitate to use it again next time we have a position to fill.