It’s British Pie (chart) Week!

It’s a good week for British pies; they will be in the spotlight for a whole 7 days!

But the news isn’t so positive if you’re an average business employing staff. As this pie chart shows, the chances are that only 13% of your team are actively engaged with their work. In other words, 87% of your team members are unhappy!*

The other side of the coin is that some (most) of these disengaged workers are looking for another job, and the expensive merry-go-round of recruiting a replacement will start all over again.

This is not a cause for celebration – with or without pies.

Do these numbers ring any bells with you? Are you even aware of how many of your team might be thinking of looking for a new job? Imagine if 63% of your team were to resign tomorrow.

Also – if only 13% of staff are actively engaged in their work, then this implies enormous waste in terms of productivity and opportunity cost. Not to mention management time.

But – there is a solution.

How would it be if you could:

  • know how motivated each individual staff member actually is?
  • have a strategy to improve their motivation?

You would then have a fighting chance of keeping your team happy, motivated, and engaged.

It can be done, just by using the Motivational Maps tool. We are trained to administer these assessments, and we are authorised to resell them. Also, every month we have a certain number of assessments available for free to qualifying employers.

They are quick to do, but they give profound insight into an individual’s motivation.

These are my motivator scores, for example. This chart tells me that I’m most interested in being a creator, and least motivated by telling others what to do.

It then goes into detail about how motivated I actually am in each of these areas. It’s very interesting – mainly because it’s so accurate!

If you’re interested in finding out exactly how motivated I am in my current role, message me and I’ll send you a link to my full (16-page!) report.

If you’d like to see your own report (and you’re a qualifying employer), get in touch.