Forget the weather bomb; what about the RECRUITMENT BOMB?

There’s been a lot of media coverage of Storm Doris – the so-called ‘weather bomb’ that is currently on its way to Blues Point (and the rest of the UK) today.

In recent weeks several of our clients have experienced what might be called a ‘recruitment bomb’. In other words – the unexpected, expensive, and generally destructive event that is the resignation of one of your star employees.

Resignations usually come at the worst possible time. You’ve established a solid team, you have plans to train them up, you have projects ready to go. And now this!

So how do you reduce the risk?

Clients of ours who have the best track records of keeping staff for the long term do the following:

  • They share information (company plans, upcoming projects, training programmes)
  • They know what motivates people.
  • They manage appropriately, with a plan that matches each individual’s personality.
  • They pay market rate salaries or higher.
  • They ask people for their opinions, and listen to them.
  • They have a reward / bonus scheme. It doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • They allow people some flexibility.

What if it’s already happened?

This is a difficult and potentially emotional time. Think before you act.

  • Consider your options carefully before making a counter-offer. Reasons for leaving are very rarely just because of money.
  • Ask for honest feedback from the departing staff member, so that you can take steps to avoid it happening again.
  • Seek advice from a company that knows about the science of managing staff, taking into account their personalities, behaviours, training needs, and motivations.

Recruiting staff can be time-consuming and expensive, but losing a good employee is worse.

Maybe it’s time to get yourself an umbrella.


If you’re wondering whether or not one of your team is about to drop the recruitment bomb on you, get in touch and ask us about Motivational Maps.