How to make the best candidates want to work for YOU

Working in the IT sector, we often find that our clients will require very niche skills, and for any one vacancy we receive there might be a very small pool of candidates to select from.  So when our clients identify someone that they really believe is right for their organisation, they might need to make an extra effort to demonstrate to that person that the opportunity they are presenting is better than the alternatives.

Attracting IT candidates

Surprisingly, this begins before they have even met with the suitable candidate.  Before you have made them a job offer, you might need to convince them that it is worth attending an interview with you, so your brand needs to be attractive in the marketplace.  Very seldom do talented individuals make career decisions solely based on salary, they also want to be challenged and contribute to the future of the business.  So for today’s blog, we are looking at some ways in which you, as a hiring manager, can begin the process of making your business more appealing to the kind of candidates that you want to attract.

  • Talk to your employees.  Find out what their motivation was for picking your organisation above the alternatives.  Ask what they like best about their role.  It might be that your company offers a better career path or other appealing benefits like flexibility over and above your competitors, in which case, you ought to be making prospective employees aware of this.
  • Stay ahead of the competition.  If you are not in a position to offer the best salaries on the market then you need to make the package attractive in other ways – benefits such as working from home, allowing a flexible working day, childcare vouchers and gym membership can mean a lot to prospective employees.  Benefits do more than just bump up the package – they demonstrate that the organisation cares about its staff.
  • Talk to your recruitment agency.  The agency you use is on the front line when it comes to selling your company to prospective candidates.  So let them know how great your company is!  Make sure they are fully informed about the benefits you can offer to employees. If they haven’t been to your offices, make sure they get the chance to come and meet with you.
  • Involve your employees in the interview process.  Nothing will improve your chances of hiring the person you want like encouraging staff that love their jobs to be part of the process.  Give the candidate a chance to meet the team – their enthusiasm and passion could play an important part in the candidate’s decision making.
  • Start spreading the word!  The company culture that you’ve been ‘bigging up’ needs to be apparent from the moment the prospective employee sets foot in your offices.   An unfriendly receptionist or a poorly maintained waiting area (or a long wait) can make a very bad impression, whereas a friendly greeting and an offer of a cup of tea can make the interview experience a pleasant one from the outset.  Your company’s culture should also come across in any marketing materials, on your company website, and in your use of social media channels – any candidate worth their salt will have already researched them.

The best candidates might receive 20-30 calls a day from recruiters – they know their skills are in demand and many of them will find themselves in a position of weighing up all the offers they have received and picking the company that they like the best.  So if you’re going to secure them, start now by asking what you could be doing better, and make sure the best candidates don’t slip away!