Goalkeeper diving for the ball, representing an employer failing to recruit an IT person because they were too slow.

Seize the day – seize the candidate

If you’re a fan of football, you’ll probably know that Transfer Deadline Day is tomorrow.  The window closes at midnight on 9th August.

If you’re involved in recruiting footballers, this provides a real incentive to get things sorted out, because once the window is closed, no more recruitment is allowed.

But if you’re recruiting staff for your own business, you have less time pressure.  Don’t you?

There are certain deadlines that you can impose on yourself – a closing date for applications, for example – but internal timescales have a tendency to slip.  And there is a knock-on effect.  When others are relying on you for updates or for progress reports, the entire chain loses momentum, and confidence.  And you might just end up missing out on the best candidate.

Because, in reality, the recruitment process is a series of Transfer Deadline Days; you just don’t know about them.  Candidates have their own agendas, and they won’t necessarily tell you what they are.  They’ll just accept another job and be gone.

So if you come across a candidate who ticks enough boxes, act quickly – or at least in accordance with your self-imposed deadline.  Give yourself, and them, a chance to make it work.  If not, an unseen hand will close the window and you’ll have to start again.

Seize the candidate, and seize the day.