Would you employ Jeremy Clarkson for an IT job in the Midlands?

The Jeremy Clarkson Question

Jeremy Clarkson! He’s a character, isn’t he? A bit of a lad, not a fan of cyclists, wears denim. But what would he be like as an employee?

Here at Blues Point we’ve been giving this some serious consideration, given that he’s probably thinking about looking for work right now. If he applied for a job with us, would we take him on? There are pros and cons, as follows:

Plus points

  • He’s a money-making machine.
  • He would generate more free publicity for us than we could dream of ever paying for.
  • He has a full UK driving licence

Minus points

  • This isn’t the first time he’s had a problem with authority. He was expelled from Repton School (down the road from us) just before he was due to take his A levels.
  • He speaks his mind and may not fit into our team of diplomatic and considerate recruiters.
  • He has in the past upset some car manufacturers, some foreigners, and some ‘eco-mentalists’ (his words).


On balance we have decided not to employ him. We recognise that personality and motivation are just as important as technical ability, in most cases. On paper Jeremy might be able to do the job, but we just don’t think that he has the right behavioural fit for our team.

If you too are considering taking on Jeremy Clarkson (or anyone else) and would like to find out more about how we arrived at our decision, get in touch on 01283 530923.

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