Blues Point birthday cake - with guinea pig

Happy birthday to us!

We are 13 years old this week!

So Happy Birthday to us, etc.  But 13 is just a number.  More importantly – what have we learned over that time?  Many things.  Here are a few:

  • What goes around comes around.  People who were starting out in their IT career 13 years ago are now senior managers who use us to recruit into their own teams.  But there are plenty of others who don’t use us.  We’re not perfect.
  • Recruitment is a real rollercoaster ride.  We try to minimise variables if we possibly can, but it’s impossible to smooth things out completely.  If you’ve ever tried to recruit staff yourself, you’ll know that it can be an up and down game.  Expect the unexpected.
  • People are unpredictable.  We use tests, assessments, we do interviews, we take references.  But you never quite know what someone is thinking.  Allow for this.
  • Speed and price should not be the main drivers when recruiting.  Both are false economies.  We’ve found this out when recruiting into our own team.
  • When you find someone who is really good, hang on to them!  Work out what motivates them, and give them that.
  • No news is usually bad news.  If the client stops answering the phone, something has changed.  If the candidate doesn’t reply to an interview confirmation, they may have other options that suit them better.
  • It’s possible to build a business, recruitment agency or successful career by being honest, ethical and nice to other people.  Who’d have thought it?!

There are plenty more where these came from but time is short.  We have interviews to do!


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