REC Membership

Most industries are regulated by some sort of governing body and recruitment is no exception.  Ours is the REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation).  Not all recruitment agencies are members of the REC but there are various benefits of membership that are in turn passed on to the people that we deal with in our day to day business.  We benefit from their expert industry knowledge and additionally it means we are committed to a high standard of service.

Membership isn’t free and in fact you have to pass an exam to retain your membership and prove your commitment to quality of service.  This actually took place last week and as you can see from the results below, we sort of knocked it out of the park!  Incidentally, the pass mark is 75%.

In all seriousness we really value our REC membership, and as a growing business they are a source of advice and support for us.  As we take on new consultants we make sure that they are trained to a high level so that we can trust them to continue to provide the service we are so proud of.

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