Roadworks and interviews

Do you know where you’re going?

We’re currently in the midst of 3 weeks of roadworks just outside our office involving major routes in and out of Burton on Trent being closed for days at a time.  Fortunately we have all been able to make it to and from the office but we have had to warn candidates that were coming to see us to leave sufficient extra time for their journey and even suggest alternative routes to take to avoid getting caught up in traffic.

Many of our clients would admit that their pet hate when it comes to recruitment is candidates that are late for their interviews.  Sure, road accidents can happen and trains can be delayed and cancelled, but most of the time there is really no excuse for the candidate failing to make it on time.  Unfortunately for the candidate, the employer’s mind is often made up before they have even arrived, on account of their lateness.  Many of them operate on very busy diaries and don’t have time to wait around for someone that really ought to have known better.

None of our candidates has been affected during the roadworks as fortunately they’ve been tipped off by Blues Point, but you might not always be so lucky.  Getting to your interview on time isn’t rocket science but it does require a little bit of planning in advance if you are not familiar with the area you are going to.  So we always advise candidates to take the following steps:

  • Find out exactly where you are going.  If you are unsure, a test run the night before your interview could be invaluable.
  • Think about how long your journey is going to take.  This can depend on the time of day and traffic, and then add on enough time to take into account any unexpected delays such as roadworks.
  • Find out if there is parking available on site – if not, or if it is limited, you might need extra time to find a parking space.
  • Even if you are using a sat nav, print off a map of the area as often the last few yards of the journey can be where you get unstuck.
  • Make sure you have a contact number either for the agency you are dealing with or the person you are meeting.  If something happens and you think you might be late, you can salvage the situation by making them aware of it and apologising.
  • Assuming everything goes according to plan, and you arrive early, don’t just announce your arrival and expect the interviewer to come running!  Bring along some notes to brush up on in your car, go for a coffee, or take a short walk (if the weather is nice).

Being late is such an easy thing to overcome – short of unavoidable circumstances it gives a very bad first impression.  If you can’t even arrive on time for your interview, why should the hiring manager assume you will be any different as an employee?

If you are visiting Blues Point or other businesses in Burton between now and 3rd May 2013 there are very substantial roadworks affecting Wetmore Road, Bridge Street and Horninglow Street.  Make sure you leave plenty of time for your journey!