4 Classic Christmas Characters Found In The Workplace

Christmas is just around the corner. Everybody is slowly (or not so slowly, in some cases) winding down for the end of the year. I’ve already managed to plough through two tubs of quality street at home and the concerning part about it is – the festive season isn’t even fully in swing yet.

So to celebrate the fast-approaching holidays, here are four Christmas characters you may find at your workplace.

1. John McClane

Before you say anything, yes – John McClane is a Christmas character. How do I know this? Because Die Hard is a Christmas Film. But who is the John McClane at your company?

Well, they’re the man or woman with the skills to get you out of almost any situation. They have a plan A, plan B, plan C and now they have a machine gun – Ho Ho Ho.

While the John McClane in your office may not be able to single-handedly take down a group of terrorists – with no shoes on – they are somebody who is quick-thinking enough to steer the team clear of sticky situations. When all looks hopeless, this is the type of person you want on-side.

But be warned – there might not be much left of your office once they’re finished saving the day.

2. Rudolph

If I had to condense this red-nosed maverick down into a single word, it would be this: leader. Yes, he’s not popular at times (the other reindeer didn’t want anything to do with him, after all), but ultimately, he leads the group and gets the job done. And in doing this, he’s earned the respect of his colleagues and peers.

This is why the Rudolph in your workplace can be found front and centre on the sleigh. The company (Santa) loves a Rudolph and know that they’re pivotal to the whole operation. They’re slightly different but this is what helps them to stand out from the crowd – and is ultimately what makes them so good for the job.

3. Frosty The Snowman

Frosty is ultimately just a snowman, that is, until a magic top-hat brings him to life. And much like Frosty the Snowman in his original, inanimate form, Christine from accounts spends the majority of the year quiet and lifeless at her desk. She keeps herself to herself, silently getting on with her work; she’s as close to being part of the furniture as humanly possible.

That is until the fateful night of the Christmas party when a magical top-hat, in the form of two pink gins and a glass of prosecco, brings her to life. She’s got dance moves. She knows some dirty jokes. It turns out that Christine, who’s been working quietly for all these months, is an absolute legend. Who’d have thought it?

4. The Grinch

It wouldn’t be a list of Christmas characters without everybody’s favourite festive antagonist, The Grinch. Aside from being green and hairy, the Grinch in your office will most likely be identified as the person who seemingly attempts to suck the joy out of any and every fun and wholesome occasion.

Halloween dress-up day? Comes to work in normal clothes. Optional team-building bowling night? Nowhere to be found. However, just like the Grinch, perhaps there’s more going on beneath the surface than people realise.

So instead of scorning your office Grinch, further driving a wedge between them and the rest of the office, invite them to your “Who-ville feast“. You never know, it might bring them out of their shell and you could have another Christine from accounts situation on your hands – and we all know how fun that would be.

And on that wholesome note, have a very merry Christmas.