In search of unicorns

As IT Recruiters, we are often looking for unicorns.  That is, candidates that (probably) don’t exist.

So, for example, a client might want us to find someone that has experience of particular technologies, a similar industry, a business of a similar size.  Lots of people are ‘too corporate’ or ‘not corporate enough’, as if there are only two mindsets and everyone is incapable of shifting from one to the other.

On top of all this, they want candidates to live a stone’s throw from the office.  Oh, and crucially, they don’t want to pay above the odds for them.

These candidates are our unicorns.

If your unicorn exists, what makes you so sure they will want to come and work for you?

If they exist, they are probably already in a job that they enjoy, and any move they make will have to be a huge step forward.  Whereas what you are looking for is someone that slots perfectly into your current team and the current situation of the business.

Unsurprisingly, that’s not why most people change jobs.

We don’t believe you should hold out for a unicorn.  We encourage our clients to consider these things equally, when they consider candidates:

Aptitude – how much of the job can they do?

Behaviour – Do they have the right behaviours for the role?

Motivation – what motivates them at work?

And finally, Potential.  This is the thing our unicorn hunters overlook, and it’s massively important.  Does the candidate have potential to grow into the role?

This is the important part.

Potential unicorns are much better than actual unicorns.  They are home grown.  They cost less.  They grow into the role, rather than outgrowing it.  And that means they are likely to be around for much longer.

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