[VIDEO] Finance Directors & CFOs With IT Teams

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Oh, hi.

You just caught me doing a little bit of finance work here.

Now, it’s a curious fact that more than half of IT teams in the UK are still led by an FD or a CFO.

Why should this be?

Possibly it’s because of tradition. It’s always been this way. IT is a relatively new discipline, twenty years ago it wasn’t so important.

But twenty years ago is a very long time in business, and it’s important now.

In fact, it’s at the core of most businesses, including our own.

Now I know some very effective finance leaders who understand IT and the challenges that it presents.

But I know of other situations where there is a disconnect between IT and finance and they don’t understand each other very well at all, and where it would make more sense for IT to have a seat at the top table.

In fact, I interviewed an FD on this very subject quite recently, and I’ve written a report about it.

And if you’d like a cop of the report, just send me a message privately, or comment below and I’ll send you one.

By the way, I am an accountant, and I work with IT people every day, so I have some insights into what this all means.

So feel free to get in touch if you are an IT person working for an FD, or an FD working with IT people, and we can have a talk.

So, back to work.