[VIDEO] Matt’s Minute – Lunchtime Lager

It looks like Matt is having a quick beer with his lunch – or is he?

Find out how this relates to recruitment by watching the video.



Sorry about that – you just caught me drinking a bottle of lager in the office at lunch time.

Or did you??

No, not really, because this is actually alcohol free.

So don’t worry, my ability to do recruitment this afternoon will not be impaired.

But it’s possible that when you first saw me drinking this, you formed some kind of judgement about me, maybe a negative judgement.

“What kind of person drinks lager in the office at lunch time, just before doing a video like this?”

In a similar way, we all form judgements about others, even before we’ve met them.

For example, by looking at their CV.

So be aware that if you’re looking for work, you will be judged by others. Your CV, your online profile, your LinkedIn, all of these things. People will judge you, whether or not they’re conscious of it.

And if you are recruiting people, be aware of your own prejudices. Look beyond the CV, gather all the facts before making any kind of judgement, and look beyond the first impression.

So, cheers.