How your office design can have an impact on recruitment

Good employers are always seeking new and creative ways to get the most out of their employees. Happy workers mean increased productivity, better work and a superior overall reputation for your business. Your reputation is important not only when it comes to business deals and relations with other companies, but when it comes to attracting the best potential employees. If the office environment feels welcoming to them, while being comfortable and inspiring enough to boost the productivity levels of current employees, they’re going to be eager to work for you, so they too can be a part of it.

There are simple ways (and slightly more complicated ones for those who don’t mind splashing out to get the best results) to achieve a certain style of attractive office design. An office refurbishment may be necessary; however, the following methods are certain to boost recruitment.

Good views and bright rooms

At one of my previous jobs in a creative role, I had a desk by the window. This, I believe, was a major factor in my job contentment and work productivity. I could simply glimpse outside and observe nature for a few moments if I needed a quick break in the midst of a stressful assignment, or to decompress after finishing an important piece of work.

This may sound simple, but, it’s worth thinking about the amount of light that you’re letting in from the outside. In summer, this helps employees feel less down about the fact that they’re stuck inside working when it seems so nice outside; while in winter it will also help the days feel less dark. I’m sure we have all experienced that feeling when it feels like we arrive and leave the office in the dark, something that isn’t ideal for motivation.

Employees will feel good about coming to work in a well-lit office; not only will your company improve its reputation through word of mouth, but prospective employees coming for interview will feel welcomed and comfortable.

If having plenty of windows around simply isn’t practical due to circumstances outside your control, brightly painted walls can create a similar effect. Consult your workforce and use a colour that they all agree on.

Space to move around freely

In my experience, having room to get up and move around is valuable for boosting productivity in any high-pressured office environment. In addition, those coming in for an interview will immediately feel more comfortable if your office fitout features large spaces where people can move around freely during breaks from their work.

Many office complexes today choose to pack in as many rooms and desks as they can, prioritising numbers and financial figures over a personal touch. While there are times when this can’t be helped, it’s worth making sure that employees at least have somewhere where they can go take a few minutes out, away from the constant pressures associated with their desk.

Time to mix work with play

Google have been well publicised in recent years for their seemingly laid back, leisurely office design, where employees enjoy sitting around on colourful bean bags and enjoying coffee together at eccentric tables of all shapes and sizes. It’s no surprise that Google is such a successful company, with people often clamouring to work for them.

While most other businesses don’t have the financial clout or worldwide reputation of Google, of course, we can learn something significant from them. Their employees work very hard, which is complemented by a sense of playful enjoyment in the midst of their work environment, showing that work and play often do go hand in hand.

Again, during a previous role of mine, we had a table football game in the break room on which I would play with three other colleagues during our two breaks (mid-morning and afternoon) throughout the day. Its effect on morale was invaluable; it offered further incentive for coming to the office and working hard while you’re there, as you know you’ll be able to let off steam during your breaks later on.

This also creates a positive secondary effect: people on the outside will be able to see how much employees enjoy working for your company, and they’ll want to be a part of that too – like Google, but on a smaller scale. Undoubtedly, it’s worth taking leisure into account with your office refurbishment.

One can’t underestimate how much the above points may impact on recruitment when it comes to designing your office space. Keep these in mind, and before long you could see a positive change in how people think about your company.