Five clever ways to sell the job to the candidate.

IT recruitment in the Midlands has changed – a major skills shortage across various technologies has left us in a candidate-driven market. Ironically those with the most marketable skills barely market their CVs at all, for fear of hundreds of recruitment agencies descending on them! So what does this mean for the employer?

There are fewer candidates on the market
Those that are looking for work are in high demand
Consequently, they can afford to be very selective when it comes to finding their next job

So as an employer that is looking to attract the best staff you need to be asking the question, why should the top talent want to come and work for you?

And you better have a good answer – you might think it’s a great place to work but the candidate is open to being ‘seduced’ by any number of employers – it’s just as important for you to make a good impression on them as it is for them to impress you. So, where do you start?

Move quickly. Other employers may dawdle – these candidates won’t hang around so make sure you are the first to invite them for an interview.
Put your best foot forward – Interviewing candidates isn’t everyone’s strength, so make sure you have at least two people involved in the interview process, and ideally those that can sell the organisation to them in a warm, friendly and positive manner.
Get the candidate involved – offer them a tour of the building, introduce them to the team members they would be working with, and show them where they would be sitting if they were to join the company. Visualisation is key, so give them every reason to start thinking ahead to what it would be like to work for you.
Show them the good, the bad and the ugly – Being open and honest about what your organisation is like will go a long way. Perhaps there are some challenging and interesting projects that this candidate would be able to get their teeth into. Or perhaps your organisation lacks structure currently, but you think this person will be instrumental in bringing change. Either way, let them know that they will be involved in positive changes.
Make the most of recruitment tools – Blues Point offers Motivational Map assessments to gain insight into what motivates individuals in the workplace. Everyone is different – they might be motivated by becoming an expert, by having positive relationships in the workplace, by being a leader, or feeling secure in their job. You can use this insight to ensure you are offering the candidate the best opportunity for them, no matter how hard your competitors try to seduce them!